• JASPER WILLIAMS, JR - Down Through the Years3:51

~~In January 2009, the Lord called Elder Thomas home. The following July, Elder Kenneth Neal & Sister Brenda Neal 1st Lady became our Pastor. God is continuously blessing us daily under Elder Neal’s leadership

~~ In 1986, God allowed us to purchase additional property located two blocks north of the church. It was named after Mother Belle Davis. Extensive work has been done and there is much more to be done. A 12 passenger van was also purchased to support the Sunday School and church services.

~~Under God’s supervision, Elder Thomas and the choir recorded as album called “Blow Wind Blow”. In 1972, another album was recorded, “If You Love the Lord, Say Amen”. The proceeds from the album purchased carpeting for the fellowship room. The same year, our first bus (1950 greyhound 39 seat passenger) was purchased and paid in full in one year. In 1976 another bus was purchased and additional property which enlarged the entire church property to a two-block reach (with the exception of two homes on the northeast corner of Pennsylvania & 4th Avenue). Remodeling has been continuous, lawn care equipment was purchased and updated as needed, a larger central heating and cooling unit was installed, all under the leadership of Elder Thomas. Our present 47 passenger, scenic cruiser was purchased in 1982, which allowed us to continue to work for the Lord.

~~In December 1966, Elder Thomas was asked to accept the role as pastor which he consented to do so. At that time, the church treasury consisted of $19.75, and the church owed a debt of $22,000.00 the first year was quite a struggle with no reserve finances to operate with, but with the help of the Lord, Elder Thomas and the saints were able to finish the auditorium floors, panel the walls, and pay the $22,000.00 debt in full. The church’s assets were increased and in the same year we were able to repair the east side of the church.

~~Elder James Tyson, an inspiring man of God with a vision of progressiveness of winning souls for Christ, came to pastor the church in July of 1966. Elder Tyson’s first endeavors were to knock on doors, seeking souls for the kingdom. Under his leadership, the remodeling of the present pulpit, balcony and fellowship room were accomplished. The plastering on the walls of the church were done with his own hands. Additionally, the church purchased an additional leslie speaker for the Hammond organ, and a Volkswagon bus for the Sunday School’s transportation. Elder Tyson served for one year and was called back to pastor in Ohio.

~~In 1959, the Lord call our Pastor, Bishop Herbert Davis home, and for seven years, the church was under the leadership of the late deacon, Jesse Stone and Mother Helen Davis (wife of the late Bishop Herbert Davis). At this time, Elder Edmond Berry was serving as a District Elder in the Northwestern District Council.

~~A few years later, a choir was organized by the late pastor Marion Brown. It was called the Busy Hands Choir. For many years, they sang as a ladies choir. In October 1948, through the efforts of the late Pastor Marion Brown, the radio broadcast was started. The choir was renamed the “Radio Choir”. The pianist was the late Mother Mayme Price. The broadcast continued for over 40 years continuously.

~~In 1939, the present building was started, and when the walls were up, a tornado leveled the building. This did not deter the saints, nor the pastor. Through hardships, sacrifice and cooperation, the present building was completed. The brothers would work on the building on their days off, hammering and mixing mortar, with love in their hearts, while the sisters would prepare meals for the workers. This was a combined effort of all the saints, happily working for the name of Jesus. During all of their toil and sacrifices, souls were being baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost.

~~The Church History In the late 1800’s, Mother Belle Davis organized a prayer band, praying in the homes in the city of Leavenworth. Mother Davis and her followers fasted and prayed for the Holy host to fall on each of them as it did in Acts 2: 37-38. These teaching met with disapproval in the local church where she was a member. This was the beginning of the Pentecostal Church that taught the Apostolic doctrine. The first meeting place was at the corner of Broadway and Shawnee Streets. The charter members were Sister America Fields, Brother Allen Paire and Sister Lightfoot.

The early day saints believed fervently in the Apostolic doctrine and through faith, built their own. They visited and nursed the sick and helped the bereaved. They carried food and clothing by covered wagons to the needy.

In the early 1900’s Mother Davis and her followers purchased the property at 719 5th Avenue and the congregation grew. Some of the early embers were Sister Carrie Fields, Sister Minnie Davis, Sister Stella Brewer, and Brother Lewis Brewer. Elder Lawson began worshipping with the congregation, with the revelation that all should be baptized in the name of Jesus. During this spiritual growth, Elder Herbert Davis, (Mother Davis’ son) returned home from California and received the Holy Ghost, and was baptized in the name of Jesus. Shortly thereafter, the pastorate was given to him.