Elect  Lady Brenda Neal

~~Dr. Kenneth Neal is a wonderful and dynamic gift from God who is still on fire for the Lord bringing inspiration and spiritual enlightenment to the body of Christ by continuing to preach, teach and mentor other pastors and churches as the Lord allows.

~~At the age of five, this natural born leader preached his first sermon at the Pentecostal Church in Leavenworth Kansas under the Pastorate of the late Bishop Herbert Davis. Dr. Kenneth Neal never dreamed that one day he would be the Pastor but God knows the plans he has for us.

~~Still blazing trails, Dr. Kenneth Neal is the first African American Pastor in the city of Leavenworth to be on the board as one of the Chaplin’s of Cushing Memorial Hospital.

~~Dr. Kenneth Neal has been a pastor for over 26 years and he was a full time Evangelist in the PAW. After the home going of the late Dist. Elder Leland O. Thomas, Dr. Kenneth Neal was unanimously elected as the pastor of the Pentecostal Church of the Apostolic Faith Inc, in Leavenworth Kansas. Dr. Kenneth and Lady Brenda Neal are about their father’s business continuing to plant, water and cultivate the wonderful work in Leavenworth. Under their leadership God has blessed us to: remodel the church edifice, purchase a 25 passenger bus, and enhance the present food pantry that extends to the “Feed America food” program connecting with many other agencies throughout the Leavenworth community. We have begun renovations of the Sumner School, a Historical Site and the first African American School in Leavenworth and the first to receive Federal funding. The Sumner School was purchased under the leadership of the late Dist. Elder Leland O. Thomas. This renovation has place the school on the Historical Register

~~Dr. Kenneth Neal, a natural born leader, grew up in Argentine Kansas. He was the first African American student to be elected president of the Future Teachers Association of the state of Kansas, as well as the president of the Student Council Association. His education includes the Northwestern College of Allied Sciences, BA in Religion; The Moody Bible College, Masters in Religion; Miracle Bible College, Doctor of Divinity; and the University of Missouri-Kansas City an Associate degree in Psychology. Dr. Kenneth Neal is a renowned speaker throughout the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World as well as many other organizations throughout the United States. He has held special training seminars in: Counseling and Community Development, Alcoholism and Abuse, Crime in the Inner City, The Way Up and Out, Juvenile Abuse and Development and How to Work with Misplaced Youth.



Meet Our Pastor  And Wife